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12 month unlimited mileage warranty

Terms and conditions

This warranty is a service only warranty! The purchaser is responsible for purchasing all parts to repair any defect or malfunction and all parts must be purchased from Hans Wittler's Automotive, llc. unless otherwise agreed upon in advance, no exceptions. No modifications, repairs or additions can be made to the vehicle by anyone other than Hans Wittler's Automotive llc. or its agents, technicians. Any use of the vehicle for auto crossing, racing or any use considered not normal everyday use is expressible prohibited and will void this warranty. The purchaser must return the vehicle to Hans Wittler's Automotive,llc. every 3500 miles and not exceeding 4500 miles or the terms of this warranty will be voided. At this time an inspection and oil and filter change will be performed. The purchaser is responsible for the cost of the oil and filter. The warranty period starts at the close of sale. The date at which the warranty begins will be the day the bill of sale states as date of sale. The warranty covers everything on or in the vehicle purchased at the time of sale. Any Items added at a later time will not be covered under this warranty but will be covered under all warranties that apply to that product at the time of purchase. Hans Wittler's Automotive llc reserves the right to all final decisions made regarding warranty validity as pertaining to expiration date, abuse, modifications of vehicle and unauthorized service. Warranties provided by Hans Wittler's Automotive, llc. are not transferable and not valid at any service facility other than that operated by Hans Wittler's Automotive ,llc. or its subsidiaries.

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