Don’t Ignore German Car Maintenance in Albuquerque, NM! Here’s a Checklist to Help Winterize Your Vehicle

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Owning a car comes with responsibilities. For one thing, you must know the rules of the road to be a safe driver, while keeping up on German car maintenance in Albuquerque, NM ensures your vehicle is in good condition for driving. Another reason for practicing preventative maintenance throughout the year is to avoid the price tag of major repairs and parts replacements. In other words, you can steer clear of extra auto shop costs when you have small issues fixed sooner rather than letting them get worse.

Of all the seasons, winter is the one that brings harsh weather and can create hazardous road conditions. Wintertime problems include icy driving surfaces, rain puddles and strong winds, all of which can lead to accidents, followed by major auto repairs. To help you navigate the winter driving season, we’ve put together a checklist of important items to keep in mind when winterizing your vehicle:

  • Check the cooling system: Be sure to check the cooling system’s coolant/antifreeze. Fluid expansion can damage the engine block, so check that it’s filled to the proper level to allow for expansion and that you’re using a coolant that can handle the winter temperatures in your area. Also, ask your mechanic to check the cooling system components for leaks and flush the lines.
  • Check the battery: Although most car batteries last between four and six years, they will often turn bad when the first cold snap hits. This means that a vehicle’s battery power is bound to drop when outdoor temperatures drop. It’s also good for car owners to know that in cold weather gas engines require more battery power at startup and electric vehicles will likely need to charge up more often. Have a pro inspect the battery unit and components (belts, cable, other connections), as well as test the voltage.
  • Inspect the tires: A very important step when winter weather comes around is inspecting the condition of your tires. Check the tread, monitor air pressure and look for damage weekly. If you don’t have all-weather tires on your vehicle, consider getting a set, or switch to seasonal tires made specifically for winter driving. Looking for a good price on new tires? Hans Wittler’s tire shop in Albuquerque, NM offers competitive prices, as we will meet or beat the price of any locally advertised tire. Call today to learn more!
  • Check the defroster: Your vehicle’s defroster plays a crucial, yet simple, role during the cold winter months—it defrosts and defogs your windows so you can see while driving. Test it periodically to make sure it is working properly.
  • Replace windshield wipers: Winter brings heavy rains and, for some areas, snow and hail. It’s suggested that windshield wipers be replaced at least every six months, or immediately upon noticing a decrease in visibility while driving.

Don’t ignore German car maintenance in Albuquerque, NM unless you’re prepared to deal with major repairs! Follow this checklist and other recommendations for a safe winter driving season, and don’t hesitate to schedule a maintenance service appointment with an expert mechanic at Hans Wittler’s Automotive!

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