Warning Signs Your Transmission May Need to Be Repaired

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Whether you drive a manual or automatic German vehicle, the transmission is one of the most important and complex systems needed to make the car run. Trouble with your transmission can lead to costly or irreversible damage and a complete breakdown of your vehicle. In order to avoid the need for BMW car repair in Albuquerque, NM, your transmission should be serviced regularly.

If you begin to notice signs of potential transmission failure, you may be able to catch the problem early enough to save yourself thousands of dollars to replace or rebuild it entirely. Paying attention to the signs and acting on them right away is crucial to properly maintain a faulty transmission. The following signs typically indicate a problem with your transmission:

  • Trouble shifting gears: The major sign of a failing transmission is a problem shifting gears in your vehicle. If your vehicle hesitates or jerks when shifting into gear or falls out of gear while driving, you can almost be certain you’ll require Audi auto repair in Albuquerque, NM.
  • Grinding noises: If you change gears and your manual transmission makes a grinding noise or your automatic transmission shakes, the clutch may be worn out, among other serious transmission issues. Do not ignore these signs, or you may cause additional damage to the vehicle.
  • Clunks or whining: Odd noises like whining, buzzing or clunking when shifting gears or while in neutral should be cause for concern. Although loud noises may be caused by other problems with your car, it’s best to have it checked out and ensure the problem is mitigated.
  • Leaking transmission fluid: If you notice a leak in transmission fluid beneath your car, take it in for repair as soon as possible. This may cause more damage if not fixed soon.
  • Burning smell: If you exit the car and notice a hot, burning smell, it might be the transmission fluid burning inside your vehicle. This usually means your transmission is going bad and should be taken in immediately.
  • Burnt transmission fluid: If you pop the hood to check out your transmission fluid and notice it looks cloudy or dark, it is probably burnt. Normally, transmission fluid should be bright red in color and smell sweet.

No matter how well your vehicle is maintained, your transmission will likely run into problems at some point in its lifetime. If you notice the signs and take your car in to a transmission specialist at an auto repair shop, you may be able to avoid a full replacement and save a lot of money. Ignoring signs of transmission failure will only make the problem worse and can even become dangerous for you and other drivers on the road.

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