How to Keep Your Car Running Like It’s Brand New

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Cars are an important part of people’s daily lives. On average, Americans spend about 100 minutes per day on the road. We use that time to go to work, run to the store for milk or head out to meet with friends. That’s why there isn’t much that’s more frustrating than car problems. It’s not just something that takes your car off the road and needs maintenance from German car specialists in Albuquerque, NM. It’s also loss of engine power, weak handling or loss of gas mileage, all of which can require premature vehicle replacement. Regular car maintenance for German-manufactured cars can help keep them running smoothly and prevent more expensive problems from arising. Here are some of the ways to keep your car running like new:

  • Engine, oil and cooling: Preventing a German-made vehicle from breaking down means taking it in to German car specialists in Albuquerque, NM for routine maintenance. Make sure the engine is checked a few times a year. Any problems with the engine, even small ones, can cause huge problems down the road. The oil and cooling system of the car is also important in making sure the engine continues to run smoothly and efficiently. A problem with the oil could mean thousands of dollars in repairs.
  • Brakes, tires and steering: Keeping the car on the road is important. Not only do brakes, tires and steering all keep the car firmly on its path, but keeping them maintained does, too. Healthy brakes, tires and steering are all key to good safety. Brake fluids should be flushed once every two years or so by German car specialists in Albuquerque, NM. Otherwise they can become contaminated and cause brake system failure. Tires should be rotated about once every 6 months or 5,000 miles. The power steering fluid system should be flushed every 50,000 miles. All this routine maintenance will keep a German-manufactured car from breaking down later on.
  • Dealing with the weather: Keep an eye on the weather. Park in the shade when possible. The UV light from the sun can damage the inside and outside of the car. Keep it clean as well. Dirt can cause damage to the delicate inner workings of the vehicle. Be sure to bring it in for a car wash occasionally.
  • Driving with purpose: Try and drive with all of your errands in mind. Instead of taking many short trips, take one longer trip. The shorter trips will force the engine to be turned on and off, causing extra and unnecessary wear on the car. Drive carefully, as accelerating or stopping quickly puts more stress on the vehicle.

At Hans Wittler’s Automotive, we are some of the most respected German car specialists in Albuquerque, NM. For more than 40 years we’ve been a trusted full-service shop for high-end brands of European and Japanese cars, including major German manufacturers. Whether you’re looking for a tune-up, need routine maintenance or want some help getting your car back on the road, we can help. Give us a call or stop in to make an appointment.

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