Why Is the Check Engine Light On?

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The check engine light serves as an error message for your car that promptly alerts you when there is an issue, and there are several different malfunctions that could be triggering its appearance on your dashboard. Your local German auto mechanic in Albuquerque, NM is here to help with a couple of potential causes you can check out on your own before you head to the shop.

Potential triggers

Your check engine light could be responding to any number of issues with the mechanics or computer system in your car. Some of the components you can inspect at home are the spark plugs, wires and the gas cap. Pop your hood and take a look at the condition of the hoses and wiring. Any deterioration or excessive wear may cause your spark plugs to misfire, which would cause your car’s check engine light to come on. Faulty spark plugs will create a noticeable jolt while you are attempting to accelerate.

If your car’s gas cap is missing, make sure that it is replaced right away. Although a missing gas cap might not seem like a big deal, the pressure in your gas tank can be disturbed if the cap is off, or not on tightly enough. This pressure change will then alert your car’s diagnostic system to a potential leak, even though the problem is simply the missing cap.

Can I drive my car after the light comes on?

If your car seems like it is running normally even after your check engine light comes on, you can continue to drive, but you should have an appointment scheduled with an auto shop right away. If your vehicle doesn’t feel like it usually does and is markedly noisy, jerky or has stalled completely, you should hold off driving and have it towed to the shop.

The check engine light went away—is the problem gone?

Even if you have noticed that the check engine light has disappeared from your dashboard, it isn’t likely that the problem has gone away. If your check engine light goes away, you should still get your car to the auto shop as soon as possible for a diagnosis, as your car’s computer system will retain any information about what caused the light to appear in the first place.

If you look over your car and are not able to determine the cause for the check engine light, make sure to contact the team at Hans Wittler’s Automotive. There are so many different potential triggers for the check engine light, particularly when dealing with foreign automobiles, that a German auto mechanic in Albuquerque, NM who has experience working with unique makes and models is often needed. Our trained and experienced mechanics utilize the most cutting edge technology, including advanced scopes and ignition analyzers, so that we can efficiently determine the exact cause of the issue. Give us a call today so we can figure out why your check engine light is on and give your car the care it needs to get back on the road running smoothly as quickly as possible.

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