Why You Should Test Your Car Battery Often

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The need for a new battery can sneak up on you. One day you are driving without any incidents, and the next, you find yourself dead in the grocery store parking lot. Battery testing can prevent this scenario by giving you a heads-up when it is time for a replacement. That is why the German car specialists in Albuquerque, NM at Hans Wittler’s Automotive recommend you include a battery test with your normal maintenance. Here are five reasons to test your battery regularly:

  • Extreme temperatures: Extreme hot or cold temperatures compromise car batteries. Hot temperatures cause battery acid to evaporate, and that leaves your battery less able to hold a charge. Cold temperatures demand more from your car’s engine, and that also reduces your battery’s performance. If you travel to colder areas of the country, or if Albuquerque has a long heat wave, you may wish to test your battery to prevent future mishaps. Testing your battery right before the hottest summer temperatures will help you determine if it is ready for the challenges of extreme weather.
  • Reduce corrosion: The same conditions that reduce performance can also cause acid leaks that corrode your battery. If left unattended, the acid can compromise other areas of your engine as well, and may even pose a fire or environmental hazard. Testing can detect this damage before it causes additional problems.
  • Avoid no-start situations: If your battery goes dead so often that you are on a first-name basis with your roadside assistance provider, it is time to replace your battery. Fortunately, there will be warnings before that occurs. Slow cranking or troubled starting often suggests an electrical issue that traces right back to your battery. However, this can also show other problems, like a bad alternator or corroded wires. The only way you can know for sure is to order a battery test.
  • Preserve other parts: When batteries start to deteriorate, your alternator and starter must make up for the lack of power. Also, since engines depend on the battery, you will likely experience diminished performance as your battery weakens. If you put off battery testing or replacement long enough, you risk wearing out engine components that are much more expensive to replace or repair than any battery replacement. The sooner you can find battery issues and address them, the less wear and tear you will put on the rest of your car.
  • Convenience: Dead batteries are inconvenient. They delay your work commute, and you could experience your no-start situation in a remote area with unreliable mobile service. No one wants to call for roadside assistance with a car full of groceries or a work deadline. A battery test prevents these scenarios. The time put into this quick and simple test will prevent these time-consuming breakdowns and stress.

The team at Hans Wittler’s Automotive, your German car specialists in Albuquerque, NM, recommends you test your battery at least twice a year. Call us today to schedule an appointment for that service any other maintenance or repairs you require.

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