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How to Keep Your Car Running Like It’s Brand New

April 18, 2018 4:54 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Cars are an important part of people’s daily lives. On average, Americans spend about 100 minutes per day on the road. We use that time to go to work, run to the store for milk or head out to meet with friends. That’s why there isn’t much that’s more frustrating than car problems. It’s not just something that takes your car off the road and needs maintenance from German car specialists in Albuquerque, NM. It’s also loss of engine power, weak handling or loss of gas mileage, all of which can require premature vehicle replacement. Regular car maintenance for German-manufactured... View Article

Questions to Ask Before Choosing an Auto Repair Company

April 2, 2018 11:17 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Whether your vehicle needs a scheduled tune-up or a part repaired, unless you know how to do this type of work yourself, chances are you’re going to need to visit an auto mechanic for assistance. But how do you know if the shop you’re considering is right for your needs? Let’s ask a German auto mechanic in Albuquerque, NM what questions you should ask before choosing an auto repair company. How long have they been in business? One of the most important things to find out before picking a repair shop is how long they have been in business. Generally,... View Article

A Guide to Your Car’s Dashboard Warning Lights

March 19, 2018 11:17 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

If you drive a car, then you know that your dashboard has several different warning lights. These lights will light up or flash to signal a problem, and should not be ignored. To give you a better understanding of what these lights are really telling you, German car specialists in Albuquerque, NM will explain some of your vehicle’s dashboard warning lights. Check engine light So, your check engine light just came on. What does this mean, exactly? Well, since this light can indicate more than one thing, the answer depends on whether the light is solid or flashing—it’s important to... View Article

Ask a Mechanic: Why Are My Brakes Squeaking?

March 6, 2018 8:47 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

The squeaking of brakes is always an unwelcome sound—especially if it continues to get worse. Most drivers have no idea what caused the unpleasant noise, which can lead to panic. Oftentimes the concern is justified, as it could mean the brakes are going bad, putting you at risk every time you get behind the wheel. On the other hand, the squeak could also mean absolutely nothing. Everything from the weather to dust and disuse can result in some kind of vehicle noise. Understanding why the squeak is happening can help you know when it’s time to take your vehicle in... View Article

Six Reasons Why Cars Break Down

February 20, 2018 8:47 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Car breakdowns are the absolute worst. Finding yourself stuck at home—or worse, stranded on the side of the road—because the car won’t start is a surefire way to ruin any day. Unfortunately, it can be difficult for most drivers to know when a vehicle will have a problem. Cars are incredibly complicated machines composed of both mechanical and electrical components that could be at risk for breaking down unexpectedly. Knowing some of the most common causes for vehicle breakdowns can give drivers the ability to prevent many of the problems before they occur. Here are six common reasons why cars... View Article